Having played guitar in twelve (12) different countries and his compositions heard in all continents of the world, Hermelindo Ruiz has been praised to have "a real gift of communication".

He has been awarded more than a dozen awards, including the 'Andrés Segovia- Ruiz Morales Prize' (Spain 2011) and the 'Orden Angel Mislán' (P.R. 2009). Additionally, he has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, Festival Áureo Herrero in Spain, Latin American Festival in Chicago, Festival ICPNA in Perú, Escuela Universitaria de Música in Uruguay, Orvis Auditorium in Hawaii, Saint Church Hall in New Zealand, University of Melbourne in Australia, among others places.

A natural talent for composition led him to publish his first book, "Con los dedos entre hilos", at age 21. It included eight of his first compositions and was presented as a miracle for the music of Puerto Rico. Since then, his music have been played by other musicians in countries like France, Italy, Slovenia, Mexico, U.S.A, Zimbabwe, Thailand, China, and Russia.

He holds degrees from prestigious Yale University, where he was invited to pursuit a Master degree and an Artist Diploma on a Full-Scholarship.He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Previously, he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico. His major guitar teachers include Luis E. Juliá, Dr. José A. López, Benjamin Verdery and Dieter Hennings.

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