- NEW CD "Vital  | jun 16'
Hermelindo Ruiz has published a new book with his own compositions. CHECK THIS VIDEO, recorded in Hermelindo's house in Puerto Rico. A News Article was also published by UKY University and can be read pressing in here. Make sure to get your copy while they last!

- Reviews about the Book & CD of Danzas Puertorriqueñas | jan 15'
The Juan F. Acosta's CD was selected as one of the best CDs of 2014 in Puerto Rico. In addition, it has received numerous reviews an News articles. The following are three of the most interesting ones. Click on the one you would like to read (Spanish): 1) El Nuevo Día 2) Primera Hora 3) Entrevista EFE.USA.

- Video about Recent Tour in Puerto Rico | oct 14'
Watch a VIDEO about Hermelindo's most recent tour in Puerto Rico with the sponsorship of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de PR. Click here to watch!!!.

Book & CD "Juan F. Acosta: Danzas Puertorriqueñas" | Jun 14'
Learn more about the music and works of Juan F. Acosta with this New Publication and CD. Click here to watch a  VIDEO about this project or Visit this link to order your copy!!!.

- Concerts in Australia, New Zealand and Paraguay | May 14'
Read here an article and interview about the most recent trips of Hermelindo Ruiz. El Nuevo Día Newspaper published an interview in direct from Sydney, Australia and can be read by clicking in here.

- Recognition in San Sebastián | Jan. 14'
Hermelindo was selected by the major of his hometown and exalted as one of the most distinguished persons from his home city San Sebastián.  Click here to see a plaque that has been installed to acknowledge Hermelindo's contribution and compromise for his country.

- Telemundo's Interview | July 13'
Click here and watch and interview by this National-Wide-TV-Channel, Telemundo!

- Newspaper Primera Hora | jun 13
Read the latest interview of Hermelindo by clicking in here (Spanish).

- Article by Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular | may. 13
Click here to read about the international exposure of Hermelindo's compositions (go to their website...). 

- Concert in Chicago and others | Nov 12
New engagements are waiting for the next couple of months, including a concert at the Latin American Guitar Festival of which you can read by clicking in here.

- Master degree and Artist Diploma granted from Yale University | may 12.
Read more information in here.

- World premier in Africa! | May 12.
You can read in here about the Affrican premiere of a composition by Hermelindo Ruiz. Also, about a world premiere in the hands of Hermelindo of his piece “Estrellita”in a concert in Spain.

- «Andrés Segovia» - Ruiz Morales' Prize | Summer 2011
Hermelindo was awarded the "Andrés Segovia - Ruiz Morales"s Prize in the Curso de Musica de Santiago de Compostela on the class of Shymphonism and Actual Music. Click (here) to read an article published by the Yale School of Music. After attending this course, Ruiz played for the first time in Spain, acting in his part with a few premieres in the Aureo Herrero's Festival.

- Concert at Carnegie Hall | November 2010 -
Hermelindo played at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York. This, as part of the Yale in New York series directed by his current teacher Benjamin Verdery.

- "Con los dedos entre hilos" | December 2008
In his 21st birthday, Ruiz published his first publication, a book which includes eight of his first guitar compositions. The book was received to public acclaim and two articles were published about the presentation of the book. The first one by Professor Miguel Hernandéz for the Maguey2's Magazine. You can read it in here (Spanish), and the second by Dr.Luz Nereida Pérez in the Claridad de P.R. Newspaper.

- Ángel Mislán's Prize | March 2009
Hermelindo became the youngest recipient of the Angel Mislán Prize for Promoting Excellence in Puerto Rican Music. This is an annually award which has being awarded to important figures of the music scene in Puerto Rico. You can read an interview in relation to the award by the Fundación Nacional para la Cultura Popular (Spanish)

- Governor medal | June 2009
Hermelindo Ruiz was awarded de Governor Medal. Click here to read more information. (In Spanish)



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