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Hermelindo has played in 12 countries, graduated from prestigious Yale University and has a fervent desire to please his followers.

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"Danzas Live" - NEW CD
Costo - $14.99

The most recent musical production by Hermelindo This is an exclusive version of some of the most famous Puerto Rican dances arranged for the guitar by Hermelindo and played with a collection of guitars that include instruments from some of the most famous guitar makers from around the world.

This CD was chosen one of the best musical production of Puerto Rico recently for the cultural value of the whole project.

Juan F. Acosta - Danzas
Costo - $26.99

The book and CD about the more than 1,200 unknown pieces of Juan F. Acosta. The following projects represents more than 7 years of research by Hermelindo with the main purpose to publish one of the musical trasures of Puerto Rico, the Danzas by Acosta. The project was highly celebrated by the media and the CD was selected as one of the best CDs of 2014 in Puerto Rico. Discover this musical treasure.

"Vital" and "Danzas Live" CDs
Costo - $21.99

If you would like to get the two latest Cds by Hermelindo Ruiz, this is your option. Vital includes 15 original compositions by Hermelindo for the guitar. This CD is a journey throuth the first years of Hermelindo as a composer. You will also get Hermelindo Ruiz's "Danzas Live", recorded with a collection of guitar from some of the best guitar makers from around the world. It includes 8 tracks of famous PUerto Rican dances from Puerto Rico in new arrangements by Hermelindo.


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